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In the Traditional Confectionery Business since 1988

Thiam Yian is a traditional confectionery shop that specializes in handmade traditional pastries & cakes that are now rarely available. These handmade goods are commonly used in the past for special occasions – they are more famously known to be used in Chinese Wedding Guo Da Li.  

Mr Tan Tiek Chow (Ah Chow), the founder, discovered his love for bakes as early as 16 years old. A born Malaysian, Mr Tan made his way to Singapore and started picking up his skills in baking from his Shi Fus (masters). Through dedication & hard work Mr Chow’s bakes gained the recognition & praise from his customers. In 1988, Mr Chow, together with a few relatives, started their very first flagship store – Thiam Yian  Confectionery and have been serving authentic traditional baked goods to their new & loyal customers ever since then.

The Guo Da Li 过大礼 Gifts

Guo Da Li (过大礼) is the Chinese betrothal ceremony. It is a significant ceremony where the families of the groom & bride meet formally. It symbolizes the groom’s sincerity towards marrying the bride and his assurance that she will be well taken care of after marriage.

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Celebrating Your Baby’s Full moon

The origins of this custom come from ancient Chinese culture, when infant mortality was high. These parties were held to celebrate that the baby had survived the first month of their life, which meant that they were more likely to survive into adulthood.

Baby Full Month Celebration

Red Egg Set


Baby Full Month Celebration

Red Egg


Baby Full Month Celebration

Ang Ku Kueh / Ang Yee


Baby Full Month Celebration

Glutinous Rice Gift Set


Baby Full Month Celebration

Mini Swiss Roll Gift Set


Baby Full Month Celebration

Round Butter Cake PLUS Gift Set


Baby Full Month Celebration

Round Butter Cake Gift Set


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